The future's so bright … Forty-seven teams headed to USAV nationals … so far

SPVB B18 Lenny has gone 17-2 in the two national tournaments in which it participated this season and will be looking to bring home Sports Performance’s second national title in the 18 USA division in three years. (Photo by Dave Ruggles)

Who’s in? Who’s out?

Here is a list of the Illinois-based qualifiers for the USA Volleyball championships as of March 25.

The 2021 USAV Girls 18s Junior National Championship will be held in Columbus, Ohio, April 23-25, the 2021 USAV Girls Junior National Championship will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 26-July 5, and the 2021 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championship will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, June 30-July 7

USAV Girls qualifiers (21)
* — New qualifier (updated 4/08/21).

18 Open

Adversity G18 Adidas (Mideast Qualifier)
Adversity G18 Purple Adidas (Red Rock Rave)

18 USA

1st Alliance 18 Black (Beast of the Southeast)
Michio Chicago 18 National (Girls Winter Championships)

18 American

1st Alliance 18 White (ASICS Show Me Qualifier)*
Fusion 18 Red (Great Lakes Region “trickle down”)
UNO Girls 18 Elite (Great Lakes Region “trickle down”)*

18 National

1st Alliance 18 Silver (Great Lakes Region)
VC United 181 Elite (Great Lakes Region)

17 Open

Adversity 17 Adidas (Northern Lights Qualifier)    

17 National

Epic United/Diamond Elite 17 Elite (Great Lakes Region)   
1st Alliance 17 Silver (Great Lakes Region)  

17 American

Michio Chicago 17 National (Great Lakes Region)
Sky High Adidas 17 Black (Great Lakes Region)   

16 Open

1st Alliance 16 Silver (Mideast Qualifier)   

16 National 

Sky High Adidas 16 Black (Great Lakes Region)  

16 American

Michio Chicago 16 National (Great Lakes Region) 

15 National

Lions 15-1 (Great Lakes Region)
Adversity G15 Adidas (Great Lakes Region)

15 American

Club Fusion 15 Red (Great Lakes Region)  
Mission 15 Elite (Great Lakes Region) 

USAV Boys qualifiers 2021 (26)

18 Open

Future 18 Elite (Winter Championships)
Sports Performance SPVB 18 Elite (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)

18 USA

Adversity B18 Adidas Purple (BANE)
Future 18 White (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)
Sports Performance SPVB B18 Lenny  (Winter Championships)
Sports Performance SPVB B18 Alpha (Winter Championships)

17 Open

Adversity 17 Adidas (Winter Championships)
MOD Elite B17 Blue (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)
Sky High Sky High Adidas B17-1 (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)

17 USA

630 Volleyball 17-3 (Winter Championships)
Ultimate B17 Blue (Winter Championships)
HP Illinois B17 Future (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)
Uno Boys 17 Elite (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)

16 Open

630 Volleyball 16-1 (Winter Championships)
Ultimate B16 Gold (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)
Adversity 16 Adidas (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)
Sports Performance SPVB B16 Elite (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)

16 USA

Adversity 16 Purple (Winter Championships)
Sports Performance SPVB B16 Alpha (Winter Championships)
630 Volleyball 16-3 (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)
Blue Steel 16-1 (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)
630 Volleyball 16-2 (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)

15 Open

630 Volleyball 15-1 (Winter Championships)
Ultimate B15 Gold (Winter Championships)
Adversity 15 Adidas (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)
Sports Performance SPVB B15 Elite (Lafata Boys Bid Classic)