Forty-two boys representing Illinois clubs earn AAU all-tournament recognition

SPVB B18 Alpha’s Britten Beallis (17) of Naperville North was named to the 18 Classic all-tournament team at the recently-concluded AAU boys’ nationals in Orlando. SPVB B18 Bravo’s Brannen Almarales of Downers Grove South (on the homepage) was named 18 Classic MVP. (Photos by Dave Ruggles)

Forty-two boys representing Illinois volleyball clubs were named to their respective division all-tournament teams at the recently-concluded AAU Boys Junior National Volleyball Championships in Orlando, Florida:

2022 AAU Boys Junior National Volleyball Championships All-Tournament selections

15 Open

Nathan Toth, Ultimate B15 Gold

15 Club

Gavin Monckton, 630 Volleyball 15-2
Cooper Komsthoeft, 630 Volleyball 15-2
Martin Radgowski, 630 Volleyball 15-2

15 Classic

Owen Bare, Sports Performance B15 Elite
Vaughn Guilfoile, 63- Volleyball 15-3
Caden Michael Aldrich, 63- Volleyball 15-3

16 Classic

Alex Heechan Rim, MOD Elite B16 Black
Benjamin Boron, Chicago Bounce 16 Red
Oliver Dominic Lee, MOD Elite B16 White
Vince Jaden Palmares, 630 Volleyball 16-3
Jason Dezutter, Chicago Bounce 16 Red
Trey Marek, Ultimate B16 Black
Griffin Killeen, Chicago Bounce 16 Red
Will Shasteen, 630 Volleyball 16-3
MVP: Grant Bowers, 630 Volleyball 16-3

17 Classic

Joe O’Connor, Ultimate B17 Black
Jaden C. Didrickson, Ultimate B17 Black
Payton Anthony Saldana, 630 Volleyball 17-3
Charlie Folker, 630 Volleyball 17-4
Aidan Butler, 630 Volleyball 17-3
Michael Hines, 630 Volleyball 17-4
Noah Matthew Hrubesky, 630 Volleyball 17-3
MVP: Ryan Montroy, 630 Volleyball 17-4

18 Open

Jack O’Riordan, Adversity 18 Adidas
Cooper Lockridge, MOD Elite B18 Blue

18 Club

Joseph Watkins, 630 Volleyball 18-2
Carter Lyons, 630 Volleyball 18-2
Gavin James Patrick Kissane, Ultimate B18 Blue
Kyle Sauer, SPVB B18 Lenny
Andrew Tomaszewski, Ultimate B18 Blue
Blake Dewitt, SPVB B18 Lenny
Tyler Volling, SPVB B18 Lenny
Michael Joseph Greco, Ultimate B18 Blue

18 Classic

Lucas Thacker, SPVB B18 Charlie
Dylan Mark, Chicago Elite B18 Elite
Charles Marchis, SPVB B18 Alpha
Dylan Feely, SPVB B18 Bravo
Andy Stone, SPVB B18 Bravo
Luka Rebic, Chicago Elite B18 Elite
Britten Beallis, SPVB B18 Alpha
MVP: Brannen Almarales, SPVB B18 Bravo

The following Illinois boys were named to the all-tournament teams in their respective divisions at the 2022 USAV Boys Junior National Championship:

2022 USAV Boys Junior National Volleyball Championship All-Tournament selections

15 USA

Charles Robison, Sky High Adidas B15-1

18 Club

Logan Brouwer, UNOxp Boys 18 HP
Matthew Krzos, UNOxp Boys 18 HP