Looking to help during the COVID-19 crisis? These girls have a suggestion

1st Alliance and Lions Jrs. Volleyball Clubs are sponsoring a food drive to help people in need during the coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how you can help.

The coronavirus pandemic is scary. Everyone is at risk. It has already turned society upside-down. Millions of people are out of work. Many families who depended on their weekly paychecks are living day-to-day. The fragile in society are even moreso.

But there are ways in which those people who still have the wherewithal can help. The can donate to charities. They can give blood. They can check on their elderly neighbors and other vulnerable people in their neighborhoods. And they can donate food.

1st Alliance/Lions Jrs. Volleyball Club in the western suburbs is sponsoring a food drive during the month of April in partnership with the West Suburban Community Pantry and the Saint Barbara Brookfield Food Pantry. Both are in desperate need of bread, milk, eggs and non-perishable items.

“My family is lucky enough that my dad is still able to work during this time,” said 1st Alliance 16 Silver’s Paige Pickering from Montini. “There are families that don’t have that financial security.

“If all of us sacrifice just a little bit, we can really help out the families whose parents aren’t able to work during this pandemic,” she said.

The club has been collecting food since the beginning of April. Each age group has been assigned a specific date, location and time to drop off donations. Teams have been designating players/families to pick up and drop off donations, but donations are also being accepted independently.

“It is important to help those in need during this time because the school closures and job disruptions lead many families to food banks,” said 1st Alliance 16 Silver’s Kennedy Riggs from St. Francis.

“Food banks are struggling to feed all of the hungry families, and we are fortunate enough to help,” she said.

If you do not know a player in your neighborhood, 1st Alliance/Lions Jrs. is also encouraging people to donate food directly to the participating food pantries.

The West Suburban Community Food Pantry accepts donations from 8:00 a.m.-noon Monday through Saturday at its location at 6809 Hobson Valley Dr., Unit 118, in Woodridge. For information about the Saint Barbara Brookfield Food Pantry, call (708) 295-7336.

“I feel it’s important to help people in need during this COVID-19 pandemic because some people don’t have as much as I do, and I am fortunate enough to have warm food to eat and a place to sleep,” said Peyton Schmidt of Lions Jrs. 13 Navy.

“But not everyone has that,” she said. “So, I believe that it is time to show compassion and love toward all people to let them know I have their backs and am ready to support them in whatever they need. So I will do whatever I can to help.”

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