Nearly 80 girls from Illinois clubs named all-tournament at USAV, AAU nationals

Sports Perfromance 18 Kahl’s Claire Simpson has some encouraging words for teammate and all-tournament selection Seiler Hruska (92) during the AAU tournament in Orlando. On the home page, Top Flight 17U Elite’s Lauren Buxton of Pleasant Plains was an all-tournament selection in the 17 LIberty division at the USAV nationals in Indianapolis.

Seventy-eight girls representing Illinois volleyball clubs were named to the all-tournament teams at the recently-concluded USAV and AAU national tournaments:

2022 USAV Girls Junior National Championship All-Tournament selections

15 Open

Abigail Vander Wal, 1st Alliance 15 Gold

16 Open

Ellie White, 1st Alliance 16 Gold
Grace Nelson, 1st Alliance 16 Gold

17 Open

Gigi Navarrete, 1st Alliance 17 Gold
Jordan Heatherly, 1st Alliance 17 Gold
MVP: Kennedy Wagner, 1st Alliance 17 Gold

17 National

Madison Shroba, 1st Alliance 17 Silver
Ava Schabes, 1st Alliance 17 Silver
Brooke Gwiazda, 1st Alliance 17 Silver

17 USA

Maggie Duyos, Sky High Adidas 17 Elite
Chelsea Williams, Sky High Adidas 17 Elite
Campbell Paris, Sky High Adidas 17 Elite

17 American

Lauren Wallace, Michio Chicago 17 National

17 Liberty

Lauren Buxton, Top Notch 17U Elite

2022 49th AAU Girls Junior National Championships All-Tournament

15 Aspire

Makenna Devick, Sports Performance 15 Red
Ellie Williams, Chicago Elite 15 United
Georgia Von Lehmden, Sports Performance 15 Red
MVP: Katie Schuele, Sports Performance 15 Red

15 Spirit

Savannah Rose Stepanek, Club 1 15 Skronkstrong
Alex A. Barcenas, New WAVE 15 Tsunami
Abigail Catherine Gallagher, Sky High Adidas 15 Red
Julia C. Reina, Sky High Adidas 15 Red
Kaelynn Adkins, Club 1 15 Skronkstrong

15 Classic

Isabella Rose Botero, MOD Elite G15 Black

16 Premier

Alayna Pierce, Club Fusion 16 Red

16 Club

Ellen Carmen Cohen-Richie, 1st Alliance 16 Black
Gwenyth Schiff, Prime Time 16 Blue
Ella Strausberger, Sports Performance 16 C-Fed

16 Aspire

Grace Zaper, 1st Alliance 16 White
Olivia Baxter, Sports Performance 16 Red
Maddison Mlady-Gibson, Sports Performance 16 Red
Haley Marie Chavez, 1st Alliance 16 White
Alysa Christina Lawson, 1st Alliance 16 White

16 Spirit

Clare Williams, Sports Performance 16 White
Leah Nawrot, Sports Performance 16 White
MVP: Jessica Horn, Sports Performance 16 White

16 Classic

Eileen M. Ryan, 1st Alliance 16 Onyx
Mary Clare Brady, MOD Elite G16 Black
Ella Hulllinger, Lions Woodridge 16-1
Jessica N. Meier, 1st Alliance 16 Onyx
Sofia Ruiz, MOD Elite G16 Black
MVP: Maura O’Brien Babuskow, 1st Alliance 16 Onyx

17 Club

Lauren Jansen, Sports Performance 17 Marshall
Lily King, UNO 17 Elite
Peyton Turner, Sports Performance 17 Marshall
MVP: Gabija Staniskis, Sports Performance 17 Marshall

17 Aspire

Olivia Gustafson, Prime Time 17 Blue
Claire Henthorn, MOD Elite G17 Gold
Lauren Michelle Kristy, 1st Alliance 17 White
Ava L. Neushwander, Club 1 17 Skronkstrong
Natalie Cipriano, 1st Alliance 17 White
Talia Johnson, MOD Elite G17 Gold

17 Classic

Sydney Pavlik, Sports Performance 17 C-Fed
Chloe Austin, Sports Performance 17 C-Fed
Bryanna Jones, Sports Performance 17 C-Fed

18 Open

Kara Oxenknecht, Sports Performance 18 Elite
Maya Sands, Sports Performance 18 Elite
Ella Wrobel, Sports Performance 18 Elite

18 Premier

Crystal Galaviz, Sports Performance 18 Kahl
Seiler Hruska, Sports Performance 18 Kahl
Kitty Sandt, Sports Performance 18 Kahl

18 Club

Janelle Pye-Blacknard, Sports Performance 18 Red
Hazel Konkel, SI Wave 18s Black
Avah Classen, Prime Time 18 Blue
Paige Lauterwasser, Sports Performance 18 Red
Addison Oyer, Prime Time 18 Blue
MVP: Jenny Shook, Sports Performance 18 Red

18 Classic

Gianna Ptaszek, Sports Performance 18 White
Abbey Clarke, Sports Performance 18 Blue
Ekaterina Marie Flaugher, Balance 18 White
Madeline E. Mountcastle, Chicago Elite 18 United
Audrey Brcka, Sports Performance 18 White
Gabrielle Schlecht, Sports Performance 18 Blue
Abygale Lester, Chicago Elite 18 United
Alayna Rudebeck, CI Elite 17 Elite
Hannah Lauren Benes, Balance 18 White
Samantha Horn, Sports Performance 18 White
MVP: Isabella Bourque, Sports Performance 18 Blue