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So who was good this fall? Who has been making an impact on their club teams this winter and spring? Who will be some of the top players next fall when the high school season resumes?

After reporting on the 2018 high school season, the Windy City Power League and the Great Lakes Power League Division I, and following the progress of Illinois teams at various tournaments and national qualifiers, Illprepvb.com goes out on a not-so-long limb to recognize some of the top players in their respective classes.

We are certain that there will be many more players who will leave their marks at the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships and the AAU Girls Junior National Volleyball Championships, but for now, here are some of the players who have impressed us during their 2018-19 season:

Class of 2020

Leilani Dodson
6-2, MH, Nazareth (Adversity/BYU)

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