Who’s in? Who’s out? Here is the latest list of Illinois girls USAV qualifiers

Michio Chicago 15 National earned a bid in the 15 Open division at the 2023 adidas Windy City National Qualifier last weekend at McCormick Place.

(Updated 4/17)

Who’s in? Who’s out?

The 2023 USAV Girls 18s Junior National Championship will be held in Columbus, Ohio, April 28-30, the 2023 USAV Girls Junior 14s-17s National Championship will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, June 28-July 6, the 2023 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championship will be held at the Calvin L. Rampton Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, Utah, June 29-July 6, the 2023 AAU Girls Junior National Championships will be held in Orlando, Florida, June 18-29, and the 2023 AAU Boys Junior National Championships will be held in Orlando, Florida, July 1-4.

Here is a list of the Illinois-based qualifiers for the USA Volleyball championships as of April 17 (will be updated once all trickle-down bids are determined).

USAV Girls qualifiers (30)

18 Open
1st Alliance 18 Gold (Florida Fest)
Adversity G18 Adidas (MEQ)
VC United 181 Elite (NEQ)

18 National
1st Alliance 18 Silver (Great Lakes)

18 USA
Michio Chicago 18 National (Kansas City MLK – at large)

18 Liberty
Blue Steel 18 Black (MEQ)

18 American
VC United 182 Elite (Windy City)
Club Fusion 18 Apex (Great Lakes)
Sky High Adidas 18 Black (Great Lakes)

18 Freedom
1st Alliance 18 White (Great Lakes)
Top Notch 18 Elite (Gulf Coast)

17 Open
1st Alliance 17 Gold (MEQ)

17 National
Sky High Adidas 17 Elite (Great Lakes)

17 USA
Mission 17 Elite (MEQ)
Rockwood Thunder 17 Navy (Northern Lights)
1st Alliance 17 Silver (Windy City)

17 Liberty

Club Fusion 17 Gino (Windy City)
UNO Girls 17 Elite (Windy City)

17 American

Ultimate Asics G17 Gold (Great Lakes)
1st Alliance 17 White (Windy City)

16 Open
1st Alliance 16 Gold (Northern Lights)

16 National
1st Alliance 16 Silver (Great Lakes)

16 USA
HP Illinois 16 National (MEQ)

16 Liberty
1st Alliance 16 Black (MEQ)

16 American
Adversity G16 Adidas (Great Lakes)
Sky High Adidas 16 Elite (Great Lakes)

15 Open
Michio Chicago 15 National (Windy City)

15 National
1st Alliance 15 Gold (Great Lakes)

15 American
1st Alliance 15 Silver (Great Lakes)

15 Freedom
1st Alliance 15 White (Great Lakes)

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