Who’s on the inside looking out at the USAV Junior Nationals? (as of 6/24)

Michio Chicago 15 National (pictured), Lions 15-1 and Adversity G16 Adidas are the only teams from Illinois to qualify for the USAV junior nationals in an Open division.

Here is a list of Illinois teams that have qualified and the divisions in which they have qualified for the USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships June 27-July 6 in Indianapolis, Indiana (15s, 16s and 17s) and April 26-28 in Dallas, Texas (18s).

15 American
Lions 15 Blue (Great Lakes Region)
Sky High Adidas 15 Red (Great Lakes Region)

15 USA
Sky High Adidas 15 Black (Mideast Qualifier – reallocated)

15 National
Epic United 15 Elite ROX (Mideast Qualifier)
Lions 15 Red (Mideast Qualifier)

15 Open
Lions 15-1 (Sunshine Qualifier)
Michio Chicago 15 National (Show Me Qualifier)

16 American
Sky High Adidas 16 White (Great Lakes Region)
Impulse 16U Elite (Great Lakes Region)

16 USA
1st Alliance 16 Black (Windy City Qualifier)
Sky High Adidas 16-1 NS (Windy City Qualifier)

16 National
Adversity G16 Purple Adidas (Great Lakes Region)
Michio Chicago 16 National (Great Lakes Region)

16 Open 

Adversity G16 Adidas (Red Rock Rave #1)

17 American
Club 1 17 Royal (Great Lakes Region)
New WAVE 17 Tsunami (Great Lakes Region)

17 USA
Cyclones 17 Black Adidas

17 National

1st Alliance 17 Black (Mideast Qualifier)
Michio Chicago 17 Premier (Windy City Qualifier)

17 Open
Michio Chicago 17 National (Windy City Power League)
Sky High Adidas 17 Black (Great Lakes Region)

18 American
1st Alliance 18 White (Great Lakes Region)
Adversity G18 Adidas (Great Lakes Region — reallocated)

18 USA
1st Alliance 18 Silver (Girls Winter Volleyball Championships – reallocated)
Blue Steel VBC 18’s Edge (Mideast Qualifier)
Epic United 18 Elite ROX (Girls Winter Volleyball Championships)
Illinois HPSTL 18 Select (Music City Volleyball Championships)
Sky High 18 Black (Girls Winter Volleyball Championships)
Wildcat Jrs. 18 Black (Mideast Qualifier)
VC United 181 Elite (Northern Lights Qualifier)

18 National
Club Fusion 18 Red (Great Lakes Region)
Michio Chicago 18 National (Great Lakes Region)

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5 years ago

I am pretty sure (double check) that VC United has qualified their 18-1s team in 18 USA

5 years ago

1st Alliance 18 Silver has reallocated bid in USA division.