Who’s qualified on the boys’ side for the USA Volleyball Junior Nationals?

Chicago Bounce 17 Red qualified for the 2019 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships by finishing fifth in the 17 Open division at the Winter Volleyball Championships at McCormick Place in January. (Photos by Dave Ruggles)

Here are the Great Lakes Region qualifiers for the 2019 USA Volleyball Boys Junior National Championships, June 30-July 7, at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas:

18 Open
Adversity B18 Adidas (Gateway Qualifier)
Future 18 Elite (Gateway Qualifier)
Pipeline 18 Nike (Gateway Qualifier)
SPVB B18 Elite (Winter Championships)
Ultimate B18 Gold (Winter Championships)
Uno Boys 18 Elite (Winter Championships)

18 USA
Adversity B18 Adidas Purple (Winter Championships)
D1 Elite 18 Green (At-large qualifier)
SPVB B18 Alpha (Gateway Qualifier)
SPVB B18 Lenny (Winter Championships)
Ultimate B17 Blue (Winter Championships)

17 Open
Chicago Bounce 17 Red (Winter Championships)
D1 Elite 17 Green (At-large qualifier)
Future 17 Elite (Winter Championships)
Pipeline 17 Nike (At-large qualifier)
Ultimate B17 Gold (Winter Championships)

17 USA
3rd Coast Elite 17 Nike (Gateway Qualifier)
Future 17 Nike (Gateway Qualifier)
Pipeline 17 Nike (At-large qualifier)
Ultimate B17 Blue (Winter Championships)
VC United B171 Premier (Gateway Qualifier)

16 Open
Chicago Bounce 16 Red (Winter Championships)
Future 16 Elite (Winter Championships)
Serve City 16 National (At-large qualifier)
SPVB B16 Elite (Winter Championships)
Ultimate B16 Gold (At-large qualifier)

16 USA
Adversity B16 Adidas (Winter Championships)
D1 Elite 16 Green (At-large qualifier)
Drive 16 Blue (Winter Championships)
Ultimate B16 Blue (Gateway Qualifier)

15 Open
Adversity B15 Adidas (Winter Championships)
Chicago Bounce 15 Red (Gateway Qualifier)
D1 Elite 15 Green (Gateway Qualifier)
Future 15 Elite (Gateway Qualifier)
SPVB B15 Elite (Winter Championships)
Ultimate B15 Gold (Winter Championships)

14 Open
Chicago Bounce 14 Red (Gateway Qualifier)

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